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"As a rabbi, as a religious person, I look at this issue and think: if God made gays and lesbians the way they are, then they, too, are created in the image of God. And if God said it is not good for a human being - any human being - to be alone, then who am I, and who are we as a human society, to tell them to live alone, or to live a lie. As a rabbi, as a person of faith, I believe it is a God-given right for each one of us to make a family with whomever we choose."

Rabbi Hillel Katzir, Temple Shalom, Auburn

Connie & Ray Winship

“Marriage is sacred. And it is precisely because it is sacred that same sex couples deserve it.”  read more »

Monica Hamkins

“The Bishop does not speak for me on this issue.   God made gay people, and I don’t believe He made them to have to live their lives alone."  read more »

David Webbert

“The cornerstones of my life are God, family, justice and love.  All four of these values lead me to strongly support ending discrimination against same-sex couples.”  read more »

I believe in marriage. Good marriages benefit the entire community. Legal marriage promotes family stability and cohesiveness.

Rev. Mark Worth, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Castine

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We attend church and have always lived according to the bible. Specifically, by being authentic and knowing that the truth would set us free.

Sherry Poland - lesbian, foster mom, Lewiston.

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"What Jesus teaches is love – inclusive, non-judgmental love. Love which doesn’t always understand, but which loves anyway… Jesus led a life of doing justice. We are called to do the same."

Rev. Deborah Davis Johnson - American Baptist Preacher, Portland

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